Friday, November 21, 2008

Meme, Dooce, BlogHer, Stuff n Junk

Ree, my favorite Hotfessional, (I think this word should be added to the Urban Dictionary) tagged me with this meme:

It’s the picture meme, and here are the rules:

* Go to your Sixth Picture Folder then pick your Sixth Picture.
* Pray that you remember the details.
* Tag Six others. (really it said tag 5, but huh? I see a 6 theme here, so I changed it)

So here is my photo, from BlogHer 2008 San Francisco:

I explained to Heather, Dooce, that my boss has seen the "Daily Chuck" photos and bet me that I couldn't get Heather to pose ala Chuck with something on her head. She graciously played along. Not quite prepared for the yes answer, I didn't have anything corny to put on her head. When I handed her my sunglasses, she said "I'll place them upside down so he doesn't think it's just a photo with my own sunglasses on my head." She's nice like that.

Oh yea, she's pregnant. She just announced on her site that her baby is due June 14th. Congratulations!

Speaking of Ree, The Hotfessional and BlogHer ... yep, we're going to be drinking buddies roommates in Chicago for Blogher 2009.

Now for tagging:

Jenny On The Spot

Blind As A Bat Beth

Whirling Betty

Captain Obvious ('cuz I know you have so much spare time, lol)

Fightin' Mad Mary (I know you don't do meme's, but you have fun photos)

Ginger Snaps


Anonymous said...

That's funny. Dooce recreating a Chuck pic.

Michael said...

Great meme concept...and it gives me a reason to procrastinate on school :)

San said...


jennyonthespot said...

Oh my heck! I was all readin'... smiling... 'membrin' BlogHer 'o8... Recallin' your story about Dooce... dancin' at the club...

Readin'... and saw my name is here!!! Yay!!!

So.... you goin to BH '09? I pray, pray, pray I get to go.... *crossing fingers*

jennyonthespot said...

Hey - what is "6th picture folder"? Halp!