Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blog Bling and Blob Bling

Michael from Captain Obvious gave me this award:

And Ree, the fantabulous Hotfessional has given me this award:

I thank you both.

::: curtsey's :::

But I'd really like to thank the photographers of these two photos.

My "hawt secret boyfriends" could uses a little Dr. 90210 as they age.

Val, I loved you as the Iceman and swooned at your portrayal of Jim Morrison. You were still in great shape in Batman Forever but not so much lately. Now I understand why you were behind the scene as the voice for KITT. You have a couple new movies coming out soon, I hope to see "less of you".

John, Vinnnnnnieeeeee, what happened? That famous Saturday Night Fever pose won't fly with this middle age spread. Actually, you were still hot looking in Michael. Even with a few extra pounds,Vincent (another Vinnie?) Vega in Pulp Fiction made a tempting bad boy. Sigh, just like Val, you've hidden behind the screen with voice overs. But, I do love your new shaved, no rugs or plugs look. Way better!


Robin said...

Aaah! My eyes! My eyes!

Val, what have you done?!?

Patience said...

Even the "hawtest" age!

Joan said...

Yeah when I blogged about my celebrity crush Keanu, I mentioned he has a tendency to let himself go between films.
Yes - to John's new look.
Congrats on all your bling. Flaunt it!

Karin said...

Val Kilmer has never done much for me. John Travolta? More interest there, but the "man boobs"? I didn't need to see that! But I do like his new (clothed) look, even though it was hard to recognize him. My celeb crush is Kevin Costner (Crash Davis in "Bull Durham" makes me swoon) especially since I found out he was born on the same day I was. I don't know of anyone else (celeb or otherwise) who shares my birth date; same day, yes, but same year as well? And I think he's aged pretty well, too, probably much better than I have!

Betty said...

Hey- Congrats!!!!!!!

And it took me a long time to recognize Travolta in that last photo- are you sure that's him?!


Michael said...

Wow, I can't believe that's Iceman from Top Gun.

Travolta's new look is 1000% improvement.

Beth said...

oh I am lovin the bald head. that rug he wore was awful!!!!

lis said...

Way to go on the recognition's...
Yep that 'Dunlop syndrome' does creep up as time goes by, one feels still like 20 (mentally) yet the birthday's over 50 start showing as the 'ol belly 'dunlop over'!!
Oh yeah J.T. lookin way better without the rug!!

mackey said...

Age gets us all doesn't it?:)

John looks awesome bald!

dkuroiwa said... boobs do NOT look good on anyone...even John Travolta! ewww...~~shiver~~
I'm going to go now to Google Images and find some young pictures of both those guys, to soothe my eyes!!
John's new image is a MUCH better look for him!

dkuroiwa said...

oops...forgot something...
Congrats on the does look good on you!!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, man. These photos confuse and scare me.


San said...

GAH!!! Those are some scary lookin' dudes.

Janet said...

Ohhhh, looked so much better as a lunger!

delmer said...

JT is not a bad looking bald man.

Michigan Fishing said...

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