Monday, October 5, 2009

They're Creepy and They're Kooky...

"Mysterious and spooky,
They're all together ooky,

The Addams Family"

Don and I went to a Halloween Party last Saturday night.

By now, ya'll know Don shaves his head. This has been a theme for his Halloween costumes in the past.

Mr. Clean:

Howie Mandel - Deal or No Deal:

This year ... Uncle Fester

That leaves me as Morticia or Wednesday. I picked Morticia. Somehow Uncle Fester partying with his brother's wife was less creepy that Uncle Fester partying with his niece!

We went to a bar party, at Brown's on Harsen's Island. Their annual party to beat all parties. So many people attend, they set up huge tents to handle the amount of people that show up. People also come by boat, dock at Brown's, and just party on their boats. Lots and lots of people.

In the bar was a DJ, wall to wall people, and many costumes. You can imagine how many Playboy Bunnies, kittens, angels, devils, police women, sexy pirates, sexy witches, etc., were there. Any theme you can think of, some bimbo had it on in micro size.

Not me, I was going as Morticia full tilt. I had a long black wig, long sleeves, long to the floor black dress, black leather to the knee boots and white face make up.

I was overheated! I didn't even have a drink and I thought I was going to pass out. We went outside to the tents. Even though they were heated, they were a bit cooler. The tents had a DJ too ... and a parade of women half dressed. How come men don't "half dress"?

Oh, the tent also had a stripper pole for the drunk women amateur to try out.

I was still overheating.

As I looked around, it became clear these women had it right all along ... they certainly weren't hot ... well they were "hawt", but not over heating.

Especially Ms. Camo. Get this ... she had on a camo thong and camo body paint. Yep, painted on leafs for a top! She certainly wasn't hot ... actually, at times you could tell she was cold!

Isn't that public nudity? How did she even get in? [smirk] I wonder, if her Tarzan-ish boyfriend had painted on his loin cloth, would they have let him in? Hey, why DIDN'T he just paint on a loin cloth?

When we first got there, Kim took pics of us pre-makeup melt, but she lost her camera, so the only pic I have is after the makeup started to come off.

Uncle Fester and Morticia:

Uncle Fester was such a hit,
strangers were stopping him to pose for a picture!

Kim was an awesome Vampire and Mickie was an adorable Pirate!

(not sure who the naughty school girl is)


ree said...

You DO look hot. And HAWT.

sherry ♥ lee said...

You guys rocked that party!! Don's costumes from years past are great too -- Mr. Clean is amazing!!

I have to say this too -- I know the joy of being bald as you know...and with the exception of the white face paint, that's often how I looked on chemo -- no eyebrows or eyelashes either and if I used some of the "tricks" they taught me about putting make-up on to "mask the fact", with eye liner around my eyes? I looked just like Uncle Fester!! Until I put my wig on -- then I just looked trashed!! lol!! I had some fun times when I had no hair let me tell you!! Which make other people more comfortable around me.

sherry ♥ lee said...

By the way Morticia...I think you are much too sexy to have played Wednesday -- that girl was f.l.a.t.!!! And yes creepy to partay with her uncle but remember they WERE the Addams family...Gomez was a little gonzo in the head...

Nancy said...

Sherry: You always find the "up-side" ... I bet you were a "hawt" bald chick <3

Bruce said...

If you were Morticia....I wish I could have been 'Thing'.....

dkuroiwa said...

I do so miss a good costume party! I asked my students about this kind of party and the looks I got were hilarious!!! It seems that costumes = "cosplay" = something that remains behind bedroom (or love hotel) doors!!
I figure that having a costume themed party in December is out of the question if I want my students to join, huh? :-D

Great costumes for both you AND Don....his Uncle Fester was good, but...I do love a good Mr. Clean!!!