Wednesday, October 28, 2009

:: shrugs:: I just don't Understand

I got a 'script for an antibiotic today.

Cipro 500 10 pills

Since I don't have prescription coverage, I went to Meijers because they charge:

The were out of stock.

I next went to Walgreens and their charge:

I crossed the street, walked into CVS. Their cost:

I got in the car (thinking I'll wait until tomorrow and go back to Meijers) and called Kroger.

These prices were for brand name, not generic.

I already have experienced the cluster fuck the health care system is in, but could someone please explain this whole med's pricing difference to me?

What IS wrong with a regulation on this (and other medical billing/charges) being put in place vs allowing private businesses obviously in control of their stock holders PROFIT margins? There has to be middle ground somehow, government vs privately run health care.

There is a whole lot of money being wasted made.

Profit is trumping actual health care.


ree said...

Seriously? My Dad told us a similar story not long ago, but I didn't believe him. (He does tend to exaggerate). Wow.

I have no freakin' clue.

sherry ♥ lee said...

To my (limited!) knowledge of the drug world, the additional charge from each place is what the "owner" is making. There is the cost of the drug (antibiotics are on the inexpensive side in comparison to other drugs) and then there is the charge to what the pharmacist is going to make on top of that. They all do it (though the place you mention that charges nothing is a bonus indeed!).

It pays to shop around...even drug stores here in Canada do the same thing -- the fee varies from pharmacy to pharmacy.

And yes my friend, there is a GREAT deal of money being made by the pharmaceutical industry!!!

Margie said...

The larger the company, the less they pay for the Rx, and then the less they mark it up. Costco, Kroger, Meijer's and Walmart are typically the cheapest. But here is the kicker, when I go with my Rx coverage to get the same RX, they charge my insurance a large amount and I still have to pay my $10 for generic or $25 for name brand copay - so in some cases it is better for me to pretend I don't have Rx coverage and get it cheaper than my copay ...

Yes, our health care system needs repair!

Nancy said...

"when I go with my Rx coverage to get the same RX, they charge my insurance a large amount"


What a catch 22!

We the peeps pay for it financially and take the hit with sub-health care.

"The Power$ that Be" ... have the POWER$ for $ure.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

That is crazy. Really just stinking crazy.


lis said...

'Pharmaceutical cartels' and greed = suffrage by we the people, so what could be the negative thinking behind the proposed 'public health care option'? I'm thinking the 'P.cartel' in bed with certain politicians and the insurance Companies = padding their wallets = paying people to lobby against and spread lies about it all, kind of like the organized unruly crowds at those town meetings, very organized....
Could you imagine if the media were as well at presenting the ''truth'' about that part of health care as opposed to the unnecessary fear and panic they have effectively induced over a 'flu bug' resulting in a 'state of emergency' in NY (just today) because people have had + tests, and 51 people there have died 'from ''the'' flu', oyee, in a given yr. 'the flu' what ever strain kills up wards to 60,000 people and 100's of thousands become ill, yet no one hears about it other than that 'the flu season' has hit, drink plenty of fluids and tough it out, schools have now massively and extensively put in place hand sanitizer, now they are teaching kids to cough in their 'elbow' and wash their hands or us the sanitizer (what a boost for those stock options ahy)...
Sorry, I get carried away, just chaps my hide at the ignorance and gullibility of this human race just in this country....

Bruce said...

When you figure this out....please let me know....I don't have a clue.

Michael said...

So does Don have good health insurance? This could be fixed pretty easily ;)

zelzee said...

I work with seniors, and am appalled at the cost they are paying...........then doctors are surprised to see they skip or cut their doses to make the prescription last longer!

Terri said...

wow that's a little crazy!

hey, what happened to you on FB? You aren't on my friends list and that's how I was keeping up with your blog...