Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wedding Bells, Backwoods Style

Saturday night Don and I went to a "hillbilly" wedding and reception.

The themed party was at the Huron Pointe Yacht Club. Everyone dressed as hillbillies. NASCAR folk (sorry for the label), trailer trashy, and Deliverance type hillbillies.

Don Bubba and I Sugar Britches, made sure we had our finest on. My red flannel shirt tied at the waist and just low enough to show my tit-tat. Bubba had his cut-off shirt over his wife-beater and all 13 of his tat's showing. We had matching neck tat's ... shooting stars.

In anticipation of being the bride, Don bought me a diamond ring. Indeed, a beautiful heart shaped diamond ring. It has to be 50 carats if not more. There is no doubt it's real. The best part, it's totally adjustable!

When we walked in, our names were put in a "bucket" ... gals in one guys in another. Once the preacher finished his drink and put down his stogie, the weddin' plannin' began. Names were drawn and a bridal party was picked, along with the bride and groom.

Our friend Mary, dressed like Elle Mae Clampett, sans blond hair, critters, and a c-ment pond, was picked as the flower girl. Needless to say, flower girls are notoriously shy, so to conquer her fears, Mary threw back a few vodka's & Coke.

Don was picked to be the father of the bride, and the groom. Yes, his role was father and in true (alleged) southern backwoods style, both bride and groom were his "children". With shotgun in Bubba's hand, the bride proceeded down the newspaper taped together aisle.

The drunk joyful bride and her brother groom
with "dad" in the background waving his shotgun in celebration.

Oh, and here is Bubba's friend,
who is also Mary's boyfriend, Homer:


Gnightgirl said...

How fun! Love the pix, and the tats!

sherry ♥ lee said...

Sounds like a fabulous evening of fun...and I am so jealous of your's really quite "spectactular"!! Bubba has outdid hisself! And I knew someone, somewhere at the weddin' would be sportin' "teeth optional"!! lol!!

San said...

I want that ring.

TX Poppet said...

Homer's a hottie! Too funny.

Bruce said...

I used to think that folks that did this sort of thing were I am not so wife and I got married in Vegas dressed as a Knight and thing I ever did.