Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Sweetest Day Night

I pretend not to get all sucked up into those "Hallmark Holidays". I wasn't going to mention it unless Don did first. He did, [here's where you pause and say, awe, how sweet].

Don gave me a beautiful bouquet of mixed flowers and roses. He also took me to dinner, surf and turf, Mmmmm. The entertainment was apropos for the occasion.

The entertainer that night was Mark Randisi. Mark is a local singer, yet he has performed through out the U.S. and Europe. He's performed with many world-class singers and musicians. Mark's sound is a tribute to Frank Sinatra. If you close your eyes ... you just may think it's ole blue eyes himself.

Curious as to how close he sounds like Frank? I found him here on YouTube.

Here is a photo of Frank Sinatra with his buddies,
alleged members of the mafia.
(one of them may or may not be a great uncle of Don's)

Westchester Premier Theater in 1976

From left to right: Paul Castellano, Greory de Palma, Frank Sinatra, Thomas Marson, Carlo Gambino, Jimmy Frattiano, Salvatore Spatola. Bottom row: Joe Gambino, and Richard Fusco.


sherry ♥ lee said...

Hey, there really ARE Gaminbos!! It's not just a made up name for TV!!! How cool is that?

Sounds like a lovely sweetest day -- young love, new love. I didn't even know there was such a day (now guess if I got anything!!! lol!!!!).

lis said...

AW how sweet, what holiday is it?

Nancy said...

Lis: "Sweetest Day" ... if you g00gle it, you'll see its a day celebrated only in a few states this way of the country ... I don't know why though?!!?

Bruce said...

So, does this make you a 'Moll' or a "Gumar"?

lis said...

Never to old to learn something new, and that one is new to me, it has quite an interesting history..
Thanks Nancy..