Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Laughter, Always the Best Medicine

I'd like to think the majority of the lines on my face tell a story of laughter over the years.

Don an I have a comfort zone as far as teasing, laughing, and joking. We can easily find humor in most situations, whether appropriate or not. [smirk]

Some of those stories aren't repeated because they translate to a "you had to be there" kind of tale.

This one may fall in that category, but even as I type, I can't help to reinforce these laugh lines a bit more.

Don and I have an on-line store.

[Not PicYourFetish, there's nothing for sale there, just visuals]

Recently, we were listing golf wind jackets. I took the photos and decided, meh, fresh out of the package they were wrinkled, they didn't show that the sleeves roll-up and button, and didn't quite do the jacket justice.

I decided it would look better on someone for the photo ... a model.

"Oh Dahhhhhnnnn"

I recruited him with promises he'd have final say. [Mhm, right]

So, I had him put one on. I rolled up one sleeve and lead him out onto the balcony for his photo shoot.

I'd like to post the out takes, but really, they have been deleted. Here's where I'm being kind, but only because I've learned over the years paybacks are a bitch!

After I settled on the pics and used them in the ads, and published them, I got the giggles.

I began dissecting the photo and laughing until I thought I'd pee mah pants.

[Enter the feeling this is one of those "ya had to be there moments"]

I give you the cliff note version ...

Here we have Don, a former Sears model, I'm sure, wearing the jacket, one sleeve rolled up to show how it buttons.

Right hand placed as such because the first few photos had him unconsciously placing his hand in his front jean pocket with all fingers in except the middle finger, whereby flipping off the photographer!

His left hand at first was resting comfortably on the front of his leg, fingers slightly curled inward, in a relaxed position until I realized it was way too close to "center" and he was looking more like a rapper just about to grab his crotch.

He moved it ... so now we have an "ex-deli-lunch-meat slicer" that sliced off all his fingers just below the last knuckle.

I'm thinking he has a career change coming!


Yes, laughter IS a good medicine. Last Wednesday, Dons father, was taken into ER and ended up having triple by-pass open heart surgery. As the family waited on pins and needles for the next 3 days, the amount of humor that came out was the key to everyone keeping it together.

"Seriously Uncle Dan, did you have to give Bailey a wet willy just as she was saying good-by to her Grandpa before they wheeled him into surgery?"

"And Cindy? We all thank you for the hilarious antic of accusing someone of taking your car keys while we were all out to dinner ... only to exit the restaurant an hour and a half later to find your car unlocked, keys in ignition, and still running in the parking lot!"

"Darren? The nurse explaining there had to be a bowel movement before leaving was directed towards your father, but we were all glad her directions moved you."

Don Sr. had everyone smirking as he "innocently" described how the nurse had to shave him and how he now sports a Mohawk! I think that opened the community brain storming for a new business, with Brad as CEO ... "Manscaping" ... by Brad Scissorhands.

Casey handled cooties like a champ and Cheyne had his Grandpa joking about the "pajama" pants he wore to visit him.

Even Don's mother Janet didn't miss a beat with her endless fast thinking. She realized with his driving restrictions, she'll be at the wheel and they could end up at the casino on her whim!

Don's father is doing so well, he'll be released to go home sometime today.

Janet? Get your nickles ready ;)


sherry ♥ lee said...

There is NO better medicine than laughter...e.v.e.r!!! Some of the best laughter happens at some of the most sombre and conservative times..but it helps us cope and appreciate what really matters in life.

Trying to explain what we find funny is really hard at times...more than just "you had to be there" -- it's what makes us who we are and sometimes can't be shared and isn't it juicy to know that there are some things that really do belong "just to us"!?

I'm glad that Don's father is okay -- surgery like that is frightening...and it sounds like that is one very well adjusted family!!

dkuroiwa said...

I hope that Don's father has a quick recovery....with family like that around, he'll have a lot of that "laughter is the best medicine" to go around!! (oops...i think i just repeated a bit was sherry said...oh well!!)

I always thought that if you had to explain why something was funny, the explanation is usually never as funny so...why try?
I also believe that 'if you can find something funny about any situation, it will all be okay'...thank God, I'm humored more often than not over here!!

Michael said...

That's some stylish inventory in that online store of yours :)

Nancy said...

Eh, it's the different styles, from clothing, to hair, to life styles that makes the world go 'round!


San said...

I think I remember seeing him in the Sears book, pg. 263, modeling underwear. I recognize the hand..LOL

ree said...

So glad Don's father is going to be okay - hope though, that the casino trips don't cause a setback. ;-)

lis said...

That's what I was thinking too 'San' ;)...

Best to all on getting thru this unexpected hurdle, no better way for sure than with heart (no pun intended) lifting/lightening laughter..
To a speedy recovery with his strength and sheer will to do so, as well as all the encouragement and support of his loved ones.
(most important is that he follow thru on the cardiac rehab)...

Twisted Cinderella said...

I love the humor in this post. You had me giggling all the way through it.

I hope Don's father has a gets better soon.