Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Making Jam, Lucy and Ethel Style

I've come to accept when my sister Sandi and I decide to do a project together, we morph into Lucy and Ethel. And that's not a bad thing considering it brings laughter.

Sunday we decided to take these:

*I really took this shot so I could ask ... do her cupboards have an orange tone to them? Sandi thinks so but I don't. They aren't dark cherry, but a medium tone. I love them.

We blanched the peaches and begin the production line of skin and pit removal.

Pretty aren't they?

Wait, I see something not so pretty.

Ah-haaaa secret ingredient maybe?


Then they were diced and stirred with sugar ...
measured and added by Sandi because I haven't a flippin clue as to ratios.

We begin the boiling process.

And boiled.

And boiled some more.

We took the *temperature*, but it never reached the required temp.

We decided the batch wasn't cooperating.

We got out the Foley Mill.

(g00gled for photo)

Nope I had no idea it was called a Foley Mill ... did you Sandi?

We processed the whole batch through this mill,
then returned it to the stove to boil.

An hour later, this mixture was boiling like crazy,
but still not reaching the correct *temperature*

Well, hell it looks done, lets get it into the jars.

Mmmmmm, worked perfectly.

Okay, so during cleanup, it was discovered this white sleeve? This one that slips over the part that goes into the boiling mixture? This sleeve that we never removed? Was probably why it wasn't giving us the right reading.

::: forehead slap :::


Robin said...

ROFL. That is so something I would do.

LOVE Sandi's stove, and I covet her Foley food mill. I haven't seen one of those in years. My mother used to make the world's best apple/fruit sauce with that. I really must find one and learn how to do it myself...

Sherry said...

LMAO -- there is nothing better in life than a Lucy♥Ethel experience!! Those moments are priceless!!

Gnightgirl said...

Yum! Great pix...and hilarious discovery at the end of the day.

San said...

I inherited my first "Foley" from Gary's grandmother. I used it so much when I lived in the farm house that it finally broke. I went "into town" and stopped in at the local Ace Hardware where I found my current replacement. That's when I discovered they were called Foley Food Mills.Funny, when I hear the word Foley I think of the catheter.
P.S. I bought another bushel of peaches today. I'm going to make more jam on Thursday and this time I'll make sure to take the cover off of the thermometer. We are soooo Lucy 'n Ethyl. In fact, you could probably start a category of Lucy 'n Ethyl posts from so many of our past adventures. (Remember the time we decided to wallpaper?)

John said...

Looks yummy. : )

Candy said...

Which of those jars contains the worm?

We had corn on the cob last night and four out of eight ears had grubs crawling in and out of them. I got my son to shuck them, but after the third grub he patently refused to continue. It was just icky.

sgk213 said...

I threw up after the worm picture. No I don't want any peach jam.

Michael said...

I want a jar...can I put in my order? Minus the worm, of course :)

linda in c-town said...

Can I PLEASE come and watch the next time you and Sandi do a project? I think the "laugh" factor will keep me going for at least a month.

Love you

lis said...

Can relate to the sleeve issue *lol*... Sounds like a great day of sisterly bonding!!

Terri said...

ahahaha; not only do your escapades with Sandi bring you guys laughter, but us as well!!

Joan said...

This post makes me wish I had a sister!

Ree said...

I had no idea you were so domestic! Now I know who to rope into helping me can tomatoes next year. ;-)

Patience said...

WoW! How Susie-Homemaker of you!!

dkuroiwa said... which jar had the worms?!?
This brought back such mom and her friend used to do peaches, corn, salsa, and my grandma did her own chow chow, but didn't pass on the recipe...should have jumped her for it!!

so i'm blaming you for my own Lucy moment :-D....will post about it soon...I'm laughing now, but last night, no noNONO...!! :-D

Mz. Nesbit said...

mmm, yummy!

Kellan said...

Oh, you silly - that was so funny! Looks yummy - good job!

See you - Kellan