Thursday, September 11, 2008

16 and 30 in the 313 on 9 11

Happy Birthday Michael and Andy!

September 11th, Michael and Andy, two of my nephews birthdays.

Andy is 16 and will get his license.
And his moms Saturn.
And his freedom, well sort of.

Michael is 30
Knowing Michael, once the shock is over,
he'll begin to worry about turning 40.


San said...

Happy Birthday M & A!!!!!

(what's the 313???)

sgk213 said...

Happy Birthday to the 911 boys.

Twisted Cinderella said...

Happy birthday to them both!

Nancy said...

San: 313 = Area code Detroit .... get widit gurl-fran!

Ree said...

Happy Birthday boys!

John said...

Happy Birthday from some guy you never heard of. : )

Single Mom Seeking said...

Happy Birthday guys!!

And Marie, thanks for your super comments on my blog. I feel so honored to have met you on the BlogHer caravan!

Single Mom Seeking said...

You know I meant "Nancy"... but wasn't clear that you used your first name. Until now. Oops.

Beth said...


Michael said...

Awww...thanks Nancy and all the blog pals..way cool!

And a Happy Birthday to Andy...I didn't mention that in my post.

(16, wow!)

Mz. Nesbit said...

that's the best picture of him too.