Monday, September 22, 2008

72 Hours of Nashville Nonstop Fun

LJ, Buddha, and I rolled into Nashville totally unaware that Ginger was going to make sure we had an unbelievably, fun-filled time.

Our first stop from the airport was to the Sunset Grill for a fabulous dinner.

John was able to get some awesome seats for that evenings Eagles concert. It was the best concert I have been to in a long time. Glenn invited me to bring them backstage and to reminisce about high school days, but I had to pass because we were all so tired from such a long day.

(Glenn did extend the invite, right? Did you guys heard it too?)

I especially enjoyed the time spent in the downtown area. Honky-tonks, having a few drinks, people watching, the street musicians and the bar bands.

Where else can you go to "The American National Bank" for a tattoo?

... Or get boob-fisted by Elvis?

*click on pictures to enlarge*

Ginger, who has a beautiful voice, sang a few songs.

LJ, who also has a wonderful voice joined her on stage for a duet.

Ginger hosted a bloggers meet-up party at the Flying Saucer on Saturday night. Such a super turn out. I'm still lurking around some of the new bloggers sites. Chris at My Quiet Life , has some of the most beautiful photos of Nashville. I especially like the candid shots of people on his photography site. There is one shot, I think I'm going to have to buy ... breath taking.

Please read John, Ginger, and Laura's posts for more photos and stories.

John? Laura? Ginger? Just in case your photo (or 50) of the AT&T Building, aka the "Batman Building" accidentally got deleted, here's one I took. Feel free to lift it. [wink]


GingerSnaps said...

I can't even begin to express how much fun it was to spend those 3 days hitting the town with you! You are a wonderful person, and I can NOT wait to go back through and read your archives now that I know you a little better! (Especially the year in Mexico posts.) lol

We most definitely MUST get together again, Girlfriend!

Ree said...

Oooooh, sounds like you had a mahvelous time!

Joan said...

I'm glad you got to go have fun!

Gnightgirl said...

I'm crazy jealous; we are *totally* going to have to meet up some day. Say no, and I'll stalk you.

And I love the first B&W/color shot in this post.

linda in c-town said...

Welcome back! So glad you had a great time!

Mrs. G. said...

Fun, fun, fun! Thanks for sharing Nancy.

Robin said...

That really DOES look like a Batman building!

Glad you had a great time, even if you did get to see the Eagles and I didn't. *pout*

Ellie said...

I love the photos of the colored drinks! Nice.

John said...

It was SO nice to meet you Nancy and hang with all you guys for a few days! : ) ...I don't believe I got the backstage memo from Glenn though - DOH! We definitely have to do it again. : ) And thanks for the pic of the Batman building, you can never have too many you know! : )

Greg C said...

I bet that Eagles concert was awesome. Way to go Elvis...Get ya some!!!!

lady jaye said...

OMG I had such a GREAT time with you! I know that we're all going to have to do this again at some point!

jennyonthespot said...

Girl - what fun!!!