Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nashville, it's Largest Industry is Health Care

And do you know why it's largest industry is health care?

I'm sure there is a connection somewhere with all those broken-hearted love songs coming out of that city.

Well, I made that part up, but it could be true.

In just a few hours, I'm heading to the airport and flying there to meet up with John, Ginger, and Laura.

[Wait does this look like John is planning something?!?!?]

Later tonight, we'll be at the Sommet Centre all excited to see these dudes:

The Eagles

[ Umm, yeah, we won't talk about the "what ifs" from my past. ]

Ginger has arranged a blogger meet-up at The Flying Saucer for Saturday night. From the RSVP's, looks like quite a few will be there.

I won't be able to post about this trip until Sunday ... [and per John] after photo approvals.

I hope they all aren't the "What happens in Nashville stays in Nashville" type.

On second thought, until my weekend is over, I better not criticize that mantra.


Robin said...

Oh how I'd love to see the Eagles... Have an amazing time!

(and post a playlist!)

Terri said...

have fun! bet the best song will be Hotel California, love the recorded performances of that song, it just goes on forever. Great music!

Sherry said...

It will be amazing -- so maybe some of what happens in Nashville stays in Nashville...but hopefully there will be things that are fit to print!! ;) Have a blast!

GingerSnaps said...

The day is FINALLY here!

I am SOOOOO excited! :)

Ellie said...

I'm distracted by that Eagles photo -- I just saw "The Big Lebowski" last night for the first time -- that photo brings the movie RIGHT back.

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

Yeah! Have a great weekend. I'm looking forward to the posts.