Sunday, July 3, 2011

I *Heart* my Sisters ... nuk, nuk,nuk

If there were female "Three Stooges", my sisters and I would certainly fit the role.

Instead of trying to go out this crazy weekend, we decided to have a girls day at my sister Sandi's house.

Margie and I brought our bikes, some things to make cocktails, and plans to make a nice dinner.

When we got there, it was so hot and humid outside, we decided to postpone the bike ride until dusk.

We made a couple cocktails munched a little and decided to go for a walk. Since the temperature was in the 90's, we really didn't get far. Sandi lives in a secluded area with just a couple homes on a private road. Her neighbor was away for the weekend but we decided to see if the gate on the fenced in pool was locked.

It wasn't ... pool crashing is way more fun than wedding crashing!

After we dried off, we decided to try a bike ride. I forgot my shoes and hat, and the edamme and lemons and battery to my camera and just had flip-flops on.

Flip-flops aren't called that on a fluke! I got on the bike, started down her gravel driveway and my flip flopped on the pedal and I was going down!

Oh no problem, my face will break the fall. I felt like I had a microabrasion on  the left side of my face with a sandblaster!

I was covered in mud, my lip started bleeding, my head hurt, and I could feel the stinging of freshly scraped skin.

Both sisters in hysterics helped me up and to the shower to wash all the mud and the embedded bits of gravel off so I could see the damage. Thankfully Sandi had neosporin to slather on right away. I should heal before work on Tuesday except for the cuts on my forehead and bridge of my nose. That's when having eyeglasses and bangs come in handy ... camouflage.

* Last post no make-up, this post, face-plant, I'm baring it all baby *

We had a trip to the Dairy Queen,  we played with sparklers outside, *I was VERY careful* then a few games of Blockus before we called it a night.

I'm heading back to Sandi's today to show that gravel driveway who's boss.  I may just have to wear a catchers mask.  (I also plan on bringing a bathing suit.)


Sherry Smyth said...

On the whole, I think you ladies should stick to girls night "out" -- Nancy, you just can't handle girls night "in"!!!!!

Glad you weren't seriously hurt (alcohol probably helped there...kept you from seriously hurting yourself!).

With or without make up -- you is beautiful!!! Klutzy...but beautiful!!! ♥

Gnightgirl said...

Oh. My. God. Here I am thinking that flip flops are the only safe shoe I can wear, and now you tell me yours tried to kill you.

I'm glad you're ok--or will be. I love the pool crashing too.

You need your own reality show.

Nancy said...

Lori ~ Reality for sure and the things I promised my sisters I wouldn't post are even funnier but since paybacks are a b*tch, I won't post ;)