Monday, July 4, 2011

Triathlon *With Adjusted Rules*

Day 2 of girls day in/out with sister(s) *we missed you Margie!

We decided to do a triathlon yesterday ... in a way only Sandi and I would do.

Starting out at Stoney Creek Metro Park, we rented kayaks. Off we went for an hour of intense hard core paddling around the lake. Trust me, it was grueling.

We weren't going to stop after the first leg. We whipped off our flip-flips gear, got into our riding gear and on our bikes in forty-five minutes record time to begin our cycling. We did the whole bike trail at Stoney and I didn't fall once! (see yesterdays post)

 Sandi in her starting position.

 Beginning of the trail.

Over the hump, it was time for the swimming competition. We put on our swimming gear (no pictures please) and oops .... where's the water? While we contemplated on which pool to crash the amount of laps we'd do, we prepared our cocktails hydrating supplements.

So on to the water *thank you neighbor #2 for going up north this weekend.

 Sandi, lap #1

On the walk back to Sandi's this sweet face followed us. Sandi brought out a bowl of food for him/her? and it ate like it hadn't in days. I think Sandi may have a new pet.

Today? We'll be doing a loooooong bike trail ... to be continued.

Happy 4th of July ... Let Freedom Ring!

*No pics of me, face-plant is looking just as you'd expect on day #2 ... pretty bad!


Sherry said...

Wow you ladies are hard core...that's some pretty intense kayaking..Sandi certainly looks like it did her in (*snort*).

Reality tv has nothing on the Kaser Sisters. You make the Kardashians look like chopped liver!!

Nancy said...

Oh Sherry .... it's a rough life lately ;)