Friday, June 24, 2011

Girls Night Out In

Contrary to popular belief, girl's night out isn't all about bars, eating, drinking, laughing, being silly, and recalling funny "ya had to be there" stories about co-workers, ex-boyfriends, and family.

No ... it doesn't have to take place in a bar.

Last night Margie and I went to Karen's house for our GNO.

And, all of the above went on.

Karen had prepared a lavish array of hor' dourve's. Just take a peek and know everything was as delicious as it looks.


Margie's interfusion of Mikes Lemonade with a shot *or 3* of Raspberry Smirnoff is my new drink of choice.

Just one drink on Karen's patio, in her lovely manicured yard, and the laughter began. Of course the stories began to flow and quite frankly "you had to be there."

Karen is an artistically creative person.  She is a crafter *in the most exquisite way, not a glue gun and glitter gal*.  Her decor is peppered with her talents from photography, to beautifully sewn draperies and decorative pillows. On display are her hand made candles and a hand made kitchen rug that I promise I'll "borrow" if I think I can get away with it. There are  many beautiful pieces accenting her lovely home made by her.

As we are sitting there enjoying the laughter, she whips out a bag of modeling clay. Like Edward Scissorhands she begins breaking off and rolling tiny pieces of clay.  Within minutes she created a turtle for Margie and this kitty for me.

Thanks girls ... it was a great night in.

** Best part make-up necessary **


Sherry Smyth said...

oh you had me at "no make up necessary" -- and dang you look great even w/out make up!!!

Sounds like a wonderful evening and the food looked delish!!!

So when I do get there to visit, I could do "in" just as easily as "out". Matter of fact, "in" might be even better!! lol!!

Joan said...

GNO or GNI either way is good

Gnightgirl said...

At-home Girl's nights are the best. No makeup, yes! And sweatpants or shorts or pajamas, come as you are! Love this post.