Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Conversation Hearts: Welcome (?) Home Puma

Just before Caitlin moved out of our house, Puma captured her heart.  I posted about it here.


At the time, Caitlin was convinced Puma was the ONLY kitten available in the whole county. She HAD to adopt him because we all know there is a shortage of kittens and why wait a couple weeks when her apartment would be ready to move into?

When Caitlin, Ray, and Mariah moved in with me *temporarily,  I told her she'd have to find new or *temporary homes for Puma and her Chihuahua Lola.

 Lola and Puma

Ray's sister took Puma and Caitlin's father took Lola ... *temporarily.

Puma moved into Ray's sisters apartment, but there is another cat living there.  It's been 2.5 months (11 weeks, 8 3/4 hours to be exact, but who's really counting) and it wasn't  working out.

So ... last night ... Puma came full cycle and is back, living in my house *temporarily.

Am I crazy, a softy, or just a mom?

The upside? Bill & Amy love Lola and will keep her until Cait, Ray, Mariah AND PUMA, get a place of their own.


I know I used subliminally *temporarily multiple times.


Anonymous said...

Awwwww ... I love this post, and I think you are the best mom EVER! Puma is adorable, but you know how I feel about cats ...

Sherry Smyth said...

ROFL Nancy -- I always love the little "asides" and "under the breath" comments in your posts.

You are a softie indeed. But you are also a mom. And I good one at that.

I'm not okay with cats (allergies for the most part) but I know in your situation I'd do the same thing.

Temporarily is such an interesting word, yes?? lol!!