Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Captain Don and First Mate Klutz

I think I am dying.

I must have something going on and God has decided to give me some of the best times of my life before I depart. He must have chosen Don to be my guardian angel and see to it that I enjoy every moment.

Last Friday morning, we headed out to St. Clair for the Riverfest.

Don tied "Sunny" onto the swim platform so we'd have a way to get around town. Proved to be a blessing ... a fun one at that.

At the halfway point, we docked to fuel up and pick up Don's parents.

Don Sr.and Captain Don

I'm still learning all the boat "stuff", and I try to be a good first mate.

I'm a better klutz.

As Don docked, I decided to get out and tie us off. I jumped onto the dock. In flip-flops. Onto a slippery dock. As Don saw it, I went "ass over teakettle" and messed up my knee big time. I didn't feel it right away, but within an hour, I was struggling to even walk. I had 3 more days to go ... so I sucked it up. By the next day I could walk, but still felt sore. No more flippy-flops!

The whole downtown was shut down so the carnival and all the food vendors could set up. There were VIP tents set up along the river for viewing the nightly entertainment and the daily boat races.

As luck would have it, Don's brother had his VIP tent set up directly in front of the stage.

Friday night was Eddie Money ... awesome, a show that had everyone singing and dancing. Saturday night was American Idol's Josh Gracin, another excellent show.

We had cocktails, friends, cocktails, family, cocktails, food, cocktails, fun! Oh, and we had a couple cocktails that weekend.

The weather was on our side and the weekend was a great time. We came home Monday and I think I came to life Tuesday.

The Weekend Crib


sherry ♥ lee said...

I think that's why they are called flip flops...first you flip, then you flop!! Must have hurt like a bugger!!!

As for your enjoyment of life and all it holds with know what they say..."all good things come to those who wait"....

I couldn't be happier for you and he must be over the moon having someone as fabulous and amazing as you in his life!!! ♥

zelzee said...

Another great weekend!!!

I love that you are enjoying your life!!!
And you are right........we could be dangerous if we lived closer!

Terri said...

sounds great! hope your knee is better. no more klutzy first mate, okay?

Ree said...

Sounds to me like you're living la vida loca. Enjoy!