Monday, August 31, 2009

*The Rain, The Park, & Other Things

Friday: Don's boss gave him tickets to the Detroit Tiger's game ... Tiger Den seating. Don made dinner reservations for us and his folks. The seating allows us to watch the game while pigging out enjoying a fabulous buffet.

Unfortunately, he couldn't get in touch with his folks, so at the last minute asked another couple. Acquaintances of his ... never again, enough said. ( Do people still figure/tabulate/ask the waitress to divide to the penny, tabs for a couple bucks difference? Um, yes, was getting embarassing)

Our view, as we ate, sheltered from a misty rain game.


Saturday: After Don got off work, we headed out fishing. It was kind of rough, but we made it out to our spot. Then it got worse. Then I was soaked. So was Don. The waves were so bad, the anchor wasn't holding, the boat was taking on water ... to my knees, and the fish weren't biting. Waves were coming up over and into the boat. As I looked around, I noticed we were the only ones on the lake. And above us? Coast Guard circling overhead. I wasn't worried, as I've said before, Captain Don knows what he's doing.

I had brought us each an extra jacket for warmth to wear on our way back because it has been getting cold when the sun goes down. Don looked at me and said "I think we should put our jackets on." I'm thinking no way, I don't want that to get wet too, I'll wait until it starts getting darker. Then he began to put a life jacket on me. Ohhhhh, THAT kind of jacket. Humm, he's never pulled them out, ever. Oooookay, I get it.

Long story short, Coast Guard kept an eye on us as Don made our way over these HuGe-AsS waves back to his canal. We were about an hour and a half on this roller coaster. I wasn't concerned at all, just frozen. We never said a word the whole way back. He was using all his skills keeping us on course, I was understanding the effects of washboard torturing.

I'm only going to say this once,sniff, then never speak of it again. The first thing Don has bought for me, may she RIP, didn't make it. She was in the pole mount on the top of the boat and must have flown out with all the waves hitting us.

Poor "PINK", she's swimming with the fishes.


Sunday: Fake 50th Anniversary party BBQ at Don's sister's house for his folks. The real deal is a surprise, this coming Sunday, a big shin-dig at a beautiful Golf Club with many friends and family.

50 years!
August 26, 1959

Don and his mom, he's her first born.

His mom was a bit (understatement) disappointed her kids didn't have a party planned for them ... and she let everyone know it. Their anniversary was August 26th. She is the sweetest person walking this Earth and I'm sure later she'll feel bad for speaking out. We are all having a good laugh at her because she's been whining talking to her sisters about this disappointment, but keeping a smile face on for the rest of the family.

Oh see this sweet face?

She's Don's bro-in-law's mother. When they were all playing kickball, yes even his folks, I sat with her and enjoyed talking in circles with her sweet Alzheimer's self!

Just like in school, I wasn't picked for kick-ball?!?!

That's okay, I like a good gabfest of nonsensical BS every once-in-a-while.

And this is Scott. He and I seem to be the only ones that ever take photos, so we took one of each other since nobody else takes pictures of us!

*The rain the park and other things, yeah, that's a Cowsill song.


Terri said...

I remember being caught out in a sudden storm out on Lake Michigan on a boat. It was one of the scariest times of my life. I may have to blog about it. We had the guts of my dad and his compass and that's why we are alive today! Glad you made it out okay and I'm sure Don will buy you a new "pink".

Gnightgirl said...

A nice mix of posty-notes. I assume Don's friends haven't heard of your blog. lol

You must have really acquired some sea-legs by now, the idea of being tossed around on a boat for 90 minutes almost gave made me seasick. Love how you trusted Don, never worried. It's nice to feel that safe, even in the midst of a storm!

sherry ♥ lee said...

All kidding aside about "a 3 hour tour", that was some boat ride...and the weather was horrible this weekend!! Glad you were both okay..sorry about pink though!!

Nice seats for the ballgame, even if your seat mates were a little cheap, er, thrifty, is that better?!? Ugh!!!!

And I'm laughing about this party! Oh won't Don's mother's reaction be classic for the big do?!?!

San said...

Next time ask me & Gary to go to the game. Heck, we'll pay the whole bill.
RE: boating in the storm, YIKES! You're supposed to stay in bed all day on days like that! (wink)
P.S. Uh-oh. I hope the recipe you requested wasn't needed for yesterdays party. I just sent it this a.m. Thought you were making it for next weekend. Boo me!

Pollyanna said...

Geez, I was sitting on the edge of my chair reading your lake story. I'd have been white knuckling it all the way back to the canal. I probably would have been crying too after an HOUR. I can't believe you stayed so calm.

Glad you all are safe and were able to spend a delightful Sunday together.

ree said...

We went to the Mudhens game on Saturday and froze our patooties off!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Those Tigers have got to start picking it up a little.....


Michael said...

I'm sure Don could easily make up for the loss of Pink with a rock or a carat. LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow -- scary ride, but I admire your courage. Not sure what I would have done in addition to freaking out! Also enjoyed the photos of the anniversary parents .... very sweet!