Monday, August 18, 2008

Smorgasboard Monday

Friday night was another great "girls night out" with my friend Donna .

Saturday, lunch was with Donna and our friend Jim, who we hadn't seen in over 20 years.

Saturday night was a surprise 30th birthday party for my nephew Captain Obvious.

Sunday Debbie and I went to Comerica Park to watch The Detroit Tigers lose to vs The Baltimore Orioles .... unfortunately the best part was when our row of seats won a free pizza for each of us.

Kellan at On The Flipside has reposted my post from last February, Profiling Pit Bulls. Check out her site and leave her a comment. Her Flipside blog features other bloggers past posts that open up discussions to different opinions. She's had some great topics. She also has an Upside blog! She is someone I met at BlogHer in San Francisco and truly is a wonderful person.


John said...

What? The Orioles won a game? Eh, what do I know, maybe they ARE winning this year. They're usually so bad.

Looks like a fun weekend. : )

Diana said...

I didn't know that you're in Michigan.

My husband and I were at Comerica park last Tuesday for the Tigers v. Bluejays game. It was going well until the 7th inning when Zumaya handed the jays the game on a silver platter. *sigh*

Nice to "meet" another Michigan blogger!

Michael said...

Saturday was fun...thanks for being a part of it!

Sherry said...

You're a busy woman!! And the 3 of you look really happy in that photo!

sgk213 said...

What a busy weekend you had and more pizza on Sunday LOL

lis said...

Fun times, hope your not over doing! Or at least resting when you can...