Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blogger Boo-gah????


My header has disappeared!

I asked John if he borrowed it, he didn't ;) ... but he said banners and headers have been randomly disappearing from blogger.

Before I let loose on them, (not really, I'm too nice) ... has anyone else experienced any problem with this or seen it on other blogger blogs?



Ree said...

My review blog on blogger hasn't gone topless yet

Nancy said...

Imagine that!

John fixed it =)

Thanks J !

Karin said...

Who would do such a thing? How rude!

Patience said...

I think John stole it and then fixed it just so he'd be the hero!

John said...

Patience nailed me. ; ) Nah, header images and other Blogger blog elements HAVE been randomly disappearing and then REappearing for no apparent reason for months now. I haven't seen too much of it lately, but several months ago, it affected several blogs in my little realm. In some cases, they disappeared from IE browsers, but displayed correctly in Firefox browsers. I contacted Google Help (and they of course were NO help), but saw several of the same complaints. You're the latest vicitim I know of, but at least you HAVE that TOTALLY AWESOME header that you can replace yourself now. The rest is a mystery. : )