Monday, February 28, 2011

March ... Bring It !!

March? 2011?

What happened to December 2010, January, February 2011? Was my life so busy and full that I didn't have a moment to write ... or was I in such a mid life winter funk that I just didn't have much to say?

With today's bright sun and tomorrow being the first of March, I am beginning to feel like mama bear coming out of hibernation.

This past Saturday, Sandi, Kim, and I decided to ignore the snow and have a much needed girls night out. We ended up dancing the night away to the awesome sound of Big Will and the 360 Degree Band.

(That's not how we started out, but that could be a post on its own. Let's just say we didn't fit in the heavy metal scene and some poor pizza delivery guy is probably still walking around that venue looking for us.)

I admit, I am one who has S.A.D., but during March, I usually get it together. What better way than a vacation! I'm trying hard to convince Sandi to pull another Thelma and Louise vacation like we did a couple years ago. *It's not taking much to convince her *

So, I'm once again kick-starting my perpetual diet, hitting the tanning bed, and scouring the web for a great deal on some fun in the sun. Oh, and although I've said this before, I'm going to really try to keep my blogging more up-to-date.

Oh yeah, for those who are not friends with me on FB (why aren't we friends?)... I'm a "Nana"! I'll post more about my beautiful granddaughter, but I need to check with her parents first, to find out my boundaries.


Anonymous said...

Nancy, I mean Nana, I hope you find someplace marvelously warm and sandy.

I think I get a little bit SAD, too. Hurry up, warm weather!!

Jen said...

Uh...I meant to sign in as my regular gmail self. You are probably wondering who the heck pink car chick is haha.

lis said...

Your go girl and have a great time, warm sun n fun...

Sherry said...

take. me. with. you.