Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Guys Eyes and Dolls Balls

I was listening to the morning show DJ's debating over the silliness of "Car Lashes".

Carlashes, yes, eye lashes women are putting on their car headlights. You can also add a strip of "crystal eyeliner "to jazz them up.

Now the female DJ was pro-car lashes and thought they were "cute" and a way to make a girls car ... girly.

The male DJ's were not having any of it. They thought it was ridiculous and a waste of money. The guys were definately anti-car lashes.

I really would like them to weigh in on their thoughts of some of the testosterone things guys put on their vehicles.


zelzee said...

Too funny!!!
I so love your bizarre sense of humor!

You absolutely made my day!!

dkuroiwa said...

If i ever get my 'dream car' can bet your bumpernuts i'd think about those eyelashes!! **snort**
bumpernuts....too frickin' funny!