Thursday, September 9, 2010

Girls Just Wanna ... Let the Dogs Out

Madonna, Margie, Me, Cyndi, Marie

I'm quite certain as each of us girls were getting ready for a mid-week get together, Cyndi Lauper's song "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" was humming through our heads.

This morning, I woke up still smirking at the six middle-age women hitting Big Fish to see Big Will and the 360 Band, only now the song "Who Let the Dogs Out?" is running through my mind.

Over the years we've all enjoyed our local live bands. There is nothing like live music to dance to. Unfortunately, many clubs have submitted to having DJ's. I guess when we find a great dance band, our zealous excitement kicks in. (Ahem, to say the least!)

Big Will and the 360 Band
is just what this metro-Detroit area needs. Not only are they an extremely entertaining band, individually and collectively they have a plethora of background experiences that have brought them to this point.

So who DID let the dogs out? I'm thinking being a Wednesday, a smaller crowd, one or seventy-eleven glasses of wine, an awesome band, and fun women getting together ... well, there 'ya have it.

What happened at Big Fish, stays at Big Fish! *Kinda, join us next girls night out and I'm sure you'll have fun too.

Big Will & Sandi

"Luuvvv yaaaaa Wiiiill"


Sherry said...

Great photos -- looked like a great night. From all the photos I've seen, I think Sandi had her thang goin' with Big Will! That girl just wanna have fun!!! lol!! Woot Sandi!! xo

Carrie said...

Looks like you all had a blast! What a fun evening & great photos.

Cindy L said...

How cool -- and I have to say, you all look so beautiful and not one day over 35! "Marie," I love your joie de vivre ... you KNOW how to live! Three cheers for the gals!

Big Will said...

Thanks so much for the love Nancy! You ladies ate now dubbed Will's Angels!