Monday, March 1, 2010

March: In like a lion with a mighty ROAR

Welcome March! [with my arms wide open] I'm so sick of cold, snow, early sunsets and waking up in the dark.

Atta' girl Cait, get those winter frustrations out!

This is the month I start to prepare for spring and summer. I'm getting my hair done after work, and along with a trim, I'll be adding blond highlights. A few here and there with each appointment and by June my hair should have that natural [coughBScough] sun-kissed look.

I'll start with the controversial fake-bake a tan this week too. I still cover my face, but I decided fat with a little color is better than fish-belly-white fat! Speaking of fat ... dang, I HAVE to get this gain nipped in the bud. Between the vacations, holidays and Don's fabulous cooking, I've been fighting an uphill battle.

No travel plans for this month, but a few ideas already brewing. We really would like to check out a few more places to move to. U.S. Virgin Islands will probably be our next stop. St. Croix? St. Thomas? St. John? Other than a day cruise stopover, have you spent some time there? Any experiences to share? My son has a friend that just moved to St. Croix and he's planning a trip to visit her and check it out for himself.

When people talk to Don and I about our desire to relocate to a tropical destination, our kids are always a concern. We each have 2 children, Don has Tyler 22 and Cheyne 20 ... I have Bryan 24 and Caitlin 21. We know hands down, wherever we move to, they all will be happy to join us or visit at the very least. And we'll be happy if they do.

So March, bring it ... hurry through and escort April in ASAP!

Bryan & Caitlin
Cheyne & Tyler


Bruce said...

There is a reason by the mama bear abandons her cub after a year. The mama bear want to move to the virgin islands and the cub is too much baggage. Leave the kids and GO....they will do fine on their own.

Nancy said...

Bruce: Trust me Mama Bear has cut the cord. Really, all 4 are great kids & we're happy if they're happy. I also think we're all wanting to move to a warm place. I can only hope we end up in the same area.

I've always said, we're only 24 hours and a plane ticket away from anyplace in the world!

Joan said...

We went to St Croix a few years ago & may go back in fall. It's a wonderful place if you like beautiful beaches and just relaxing. The economy took a down turn once cruise ships stopped going there. Not much in the way of night life or shopping.

San said...

If you move to the VI don't worry about your kids being extra baggage, worry about your sister who will move in with you LOL

Karin said...

I SO agree with you about Miami! That's why I avoid it if at all possible. As for the awful drivers, it is, unfortuantely, par for the course all over Florida. My theory is that all the retirees from NY & NJ--who never had to drive when living up north--get their licenses at the tender age of 65 (or older) and are horrible drivers and a menace on the road.

AS for the islands, the only place I've spent any time, other than day-trips from a crusie ship, is in the Abacos. Absolutely gorgeous & un-touristy, but not a lot going on as a result. Depends what you want. Personally, I'd avoid any place that is a cruise stop, like St. Thomas. Too many doggone tourists roaming around on any given day, which, after living in South Florida for 24 years, I can tell you is a pain in the you-know-what. Remember that girl from high school that lives in St. Croix? I'm sure she'd be happy to give you the scoop, plus I think she sells real estate in addition to being a lawyer.

Fragrant Liar said...

Excellent. When you land somewhere, do invite us for a housewarming party!


The kids will follow for regular visits, I'm sure. And they're grownups now (which I need to keep in mind myself), and they're going to do their own traveling and moving around too.

zelzee said...

I so understand the moving to a warmer climate! I am slso sick of snow, cold, shoveling, scraping....yuck!
You have to be happy. LIfe is too short, and the kids will love coming to visit you in paradise!!!
Oh, went shopping yesterday for some spring/summer clothes....where did this body come from, and where did you put my toned and trim one?
(Oh, right, I lost that years ago!!)

Maddy said...

Yes re-location is always a HUGE step - fortunately we've already done that bit!

dkuroiwa said...

I went to St. Thomas on a family vacation waaaay back when I was in high school, but....what an impression it made on me! I loved it!! Even as a 17 year old, I could recognize that it was a great place!!!
Another great place...warm weather...great beaches...Corpus Christi Texas...or even further south the So. Padre Island way...make sure you have lots of extra room...just in know!! :-) (I won't try to move someone we know...but, I would stay for a few....days.)

San said...

@Deb: No problem. I'll share my room. We'll have a blast! =:)