Thursday, February 18, 2010


Don and I just returned from a fantastic 9 day trip to Florida.

Well, make that 7 days ... the first and last days were travel days and airports suck.

Come to think of it make that 5 days ... two days were spent in Miami and only one was fun because Tyler and her friend Allison came from Naples to hang out with us.

We flew into Miami, but the Keys were our destination. Since the Miami boat show was going on, we decided to stay a couple days to check it out and spend time with Tyler. I've never been to the show or Miami. Don has worked there several times in the past.

If you live in Miami or enjoy visiting there, forgive my opinion please. [smirk]

I'll start with the boat show. I PASS. Too many floating mansions that look like a big pain in the butt! The only thing missing was Thurston Howell, III and Lovey!

*note the helicopter on upper right,
I couldn't fit the whole boat in the frame!

South Beach Miami, eh, I'll say it was okay, but probably because Don, Tyler, Allison, and I just walked the main streets window shopping and stopping for lunch. I did appreciate the older hotels and their architect. I took a lot of photos so no need for me to go back. [again, smirk]

My real gripe? Let me start by saying, being from Detroit, Motor City, cars and crime ... Miami you win! I have never feared for my life on the road as much as I did trying to get around this city. Do people take a course in how to be rude while driving? Does my turning on a turn signal indicate time for you to speed up so I can't change lanes or make a turn? Every frickin' time? It got to be a joke. I'm probably considered an aggressive driver but Geez Louise, I felt like I was playing Highway Russian Roulette.

In Detroit, they may shoot at you while driving down the expressway but by golly, turn on your signal, they'll let you in and won't run you off the road.

Buh-bye Miami expressways.

Nope, it's not a place I'll be in any hurry to visit again ... Miami can be Yourami!

I'll post more about our trip ... the rest, good times ... for the most part ;)


Sherry said...

Well said!! You always have a way with words, of putting the "right" spin on something. Never been, don't care to -- and now that I've heard your version I'll stick with being quite happy to stay away!!

Now on to the Keys!!!

Thurston Howell III and Lovey!!! LOL!!