Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Key to Florida

Key West Florida

Without a doubt, a little piece of paradise. Hemingway was definitely on to something.

We spent the rest of our vacation in the Keys, splitting our time between Marathon and Key West.

Although the weather was cool by Florida's standard, we preferred the 60's temps to the single digit, freezing snow storm that hit back home in Michigan.

Our first fishing trip was with the crew at Sea Dog. It was cool and windy, but the sun was out. We tried free line fishing but with 5 others on board, plus the wind, the lines tangled too easily. After changing to drop fishing the fun began. The variety of fish caught was awesome. Three kinds of snapper, a shark, a king mackerel, some grouper, and a couple yucky remoras. We kept snapper and mackerel for a fresh fish dinner that night.

Mullet Snapper
(without his buddy Joe Dirt)

Such a great place, Key West. We went shopping on Duval Street and stopped at Hog's Breath Saloon for drinks and a snack. My favorite places were Schooner Wharf Bar and Irish Kevin's Bar. The live music was the best. We enjoyed checking out the streets off the beaten paths of the touristy area. Don and I agreed it would be easy to spend the rest of our days there.

We stayed at a hotel on Key Colony Beach. The one day it was slightly warm, Don enjoyed soaking in the rays while I sipped Bloody Mary's at the bar.

Don with his Kindle

I thoroughly enjoyed Ryan from NY, sweetest little boy.

Later that evening we met Clyde, Barbara, and their daughter Carrie at the Cabana Breeze Club. Great fun with new friends from Canada.

Barbara and Carrie

Cocktails and laughs were non-stop. We'll never really know if Jimmy, another we met that night, with his new fiance Carmen, is really about to marry CarMAN. All in quiet jest between us 5, we poked fun at the unknown. I hope we're wrong ... Jimmy is a big biker guy, the idea of CarMAN just doesn't fit.

Don, Clyde, Jimmy
The Three Amigos

Our final day was spent fishing. This time we went out with Capt. Michael of Robbie's on Islamorada. We were drop fishing in 140' deep waters. I caught a tile fish (?? ?) released and several blue runners that we released. Don, once again, caught our dinner. Two snapper and two porgi.

Manny, at The Hungry Tarpon, prepared them to perfection.

Too short of time, we both agree we have to go back.


Lady Jaye said...

I'm so glad you posted this! Tom and I want to go there on our honeymoon. Just gotta get all the funds together!

Nancy said...

Laura: Key West was by far the best, but very expensive! Very!

If you stay on another key, do your homework ... all hotels are expensive (even the dumps)on all the keys. And ... the online photos/ads can be deceiving. Keep reading/googling for posts to get ideas. Put it out there on your blog for input.

So HAPPY for you! When is the big day?

delmer said...

Nice photos. And I loved the Joe Dirt reference.

Ohio has had similar weather. We've probably had less snow, but it's still been a lot for us. We're supposed to be above freezing (during the daylight hours) for the next several days.

Sherry said...

Another great vacation...and fish I've never heard of before...what's next on the Nancy & Don travelogue?!?

zelzee said...

I am so jealous! I don't know when I will ever thaw out.

Winter in Erie..........sheesh!