Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Linda, Sisters of the Heart

When asked how long we've been friends the usual reply is to look at each other, give a smile, and then I usually start with:

" Wasn't it when Tim gave you the surprise birthday party?"

Then we both begin to start counting the years backwards, laughing, recalling stories, and stopping with disbelief at how long we've been friends.

We may just as well be sisters. Come to think of it, we are! [smiles]

Linda and I have a bond that extends through countless layers. Perhaps that's exactly what makes our friendship so special. I don't think there is one thing we haven't shared with each other. [ I HAVE shared all with you, you better not be holding out on me, *wink]

A while ago, I gave Linda a Christmas gift enclosed in this silver hinged Christmas ornament. It evolved into passing it back and forth each year, with a small gift inside.

This year it was my turn to get the ornament. Inside, I found this awesome keyfob by Brighton. Isn't this too cool? She knows my love of Brighton jewelry and themed it with this years nautical fun.

Actually, Linda just knows me. Thank you Linda.

Love, Nancy


sherry ♥ lee said...

What a beautiful gesture between friends and a beautiful love letter written to a friend. Aren't you both so blessed!

dkuroiwa said...

God Bless the Lindas in our lives....they make our lives richer just by being there...the extras they do are like cream cheese frosting---they make anything and everything better!

I love the gift exchange idea...wonderful idea!!

ladyhawk_lmr said...

Glad you let me know about your blog post on FB. This is the first chance I've had to get on the computer.
Thank you for the beautiful tribute to our friendship. You truly are someone I can count on for everything and anything. You are my girlfirend, my best friend and my sister.
I saw that fob and knew you had to have it. (It call out your name as I passed the store.) So very glad you like it.
Merry Christmas!!

Maddy said...

I've just reconnected with a pal visiting from Ireland - those connections are the best.