Sunday, December 6, 2009

Busy or Lazy?

Probably a toss up ... equally ... both.


I have blogstipation.

Summer is over, fish fodder, lake photos, and writing about summer fun has ended. Actually, fishing has come to a temporary halt. Temporary meaning, I'll be fishing next week in Cabo wooooo-hoooo.

Yesterday, Don took the fishing boat out of the water ice. See the metal walls in the canal? As she cut through the ice, the sound echoed a farewell to summer down the canal and out into the lake.

Tuesday morning my sister Sandi and her husband Gary, Don and I, leave for a week in Cabo San Lucas. None of us have been there before. I've heard great stories about Cabo, and we are all looking forward to the warm weather. I'll write more as we experience it.

And then, once we're back, I may realize that Christmas is thisclose and I don't have a decoration up or a present bought. I think that's where the lazy part comes in.

I'm busy being lazy.


Bruce said...

CABO? Cabo San Lucas? in Mexico??? owwww,... ====>JEALOUS!

Nancy said...

Bruce: Never have been, but your comment falls right in line with everyone's view so far .... I'm going to assume this is an awesome place =)