Thursday, September 24, 2009

She Doesn't Miss the *313

I was unloading my camera and sorting through my photos, downloading them to their appropriate folder when I realized I have quite a few of Don's daughter Tyler.

Tyler, aka Chick, was home a couple weeks ago. I spent more one on one time with her this last visit. She's a beautiful girl, inside and out, and wise beyond her years.

She's been living in Naples Florida for a year, but the burbs of Detroit is her home. I think she could forget about ever living in Michigan (because of the winters), but her roots, family, and friends are the beacon that brings her home.

I know Detroit has a bad reputation (understatement) for crime, thugs, drugs, etc., but our kids have grown up in the burbs and are sheltered from that reality. On the flip side, they have lived with it as always being a common occurrence heard on the news and see in the papers ... all that real crap that goes down "in the hood." Dare I admit we all get a bit desensitized to it?

On the way home from the airport, she and Don stopped at a bar for a drink. (Yes, she's over 21) After getting a table, Don went to get them a drink. Before he got back, some dudes started a brawl. A fist pounding, blood splattering, call the cops and an ambulance brawl. Welcome back to the "D" Ty!

The next night, she went out with her girlfriend. Sure enough, another fight broke out. Girls fighting this time. These places really aren't in Detroit, but the outskirts of.

Ty's reaction was, "Yep, home, back in the "D".

Ty, I couldn't love you more if you were my own daughter!

*313 is Detroit's area code


sherry ♥ lee said...

How lovely to know that you and Ty get on so well...and that some things don't change, but you love it anyway, because it's "home".

Bruce said...

I will have to schedule some vacation time in metro-Michigan....sounds like a happening town. Will remember to bring my brass knuckles.

Karin said...

I agree, being from Detroit originally, that its bad reputation isn't totally earned. It's a lovely city, with culture and atmosphere and some really great people. Having said that, I'm not sorry we left 24 years ago for Florida, and I definitely don't miss the miserable, cold winters! Don't take offense, my fine Detroit friends, but one of my favorite lines, which I borrowed (with permission) from another former Detroiter: "It's a good place to be FROM." A truism you can only appreciate when you don't live there anymore.....

Michael said...

Glad Ty is enjoying being back in the D, but just out of curiosity, how are Bryan and Cait??? I haven't read much about them lately. Just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

Ty is gorgeous, like you! And I know what you mean about Detroit. I love the city of my birth -- and was lucky enough to work downtown for over five years back in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It was exciting to work in the city then.

Now I go back and forth between feeling proud and ashamed of Detroit. At the same time, I get so mad when the media portrays only our bad side. We are rough and tumble, yes, but have so many other things to be proud of.