Thursday, October 21, 2010

Alias: YellowJacket

At three years old, Bryan was mesmerized by the first generation transformers. Optimus Prime, of course, was his favorite. We still have the original Hasbro Optimus Prime. His dad and I would sit back and watch-listen to Bryan as he sat three feet away from the TV while the VHS movie played. He recited each line word for word, every line, every character, and he delivered with different voices to indicate the different characters.

In the past few years, as the new Transformer movies came out, I'd be reminded of the little boy sitting for hours watching the cartoon version.

A new movie is in production. They have been filming in Chicago, LA, and recently Washington DC. This Fox News footage shows, unscripted, a Washington DC police car crashing into "Bumblebee" (a 2010 Camaro) during the shoot.

There was confusion during a police call to respond to an incident and the officer blew through an intersection that was set up and in production.

Optimus Prime, the semi-truck you see first, makes it through the intersection but when Bumblebee arrived, so did the Washington DC police SUV. That's when you see the front of Bumblebee annihilated!

Can you imagine my surprise when I heard "Bumblebee" was being shipped "someplace" in metro-Detroit for repairs? Can you imagine my disappointment when I heard (from my boss) that there will be no photos taken what-so-ever as part of the agreement? Can you imagine how hard it would be for someone like me, a blogger, the mother of an original transformer worshiper, not to be able to blog or post photos about this?

I suppose I could just post about the 1969 GTO used in the movie Striptease staring Demi Moore that was restored "someplace" in metro-Detroit, but that's old news.


ree said...

We watched the Chicago filming from our office windows - it was pretty cool to see the upside down busses and train cars. :-)