Sunday, October 2, 2011

Good Night Marie

Bloggers always seem to start, stop, start up again with an apology for being gone only to stop again. We burn out, we stop writing, we shelve our blogs and then, we come back.

When I began posting, I never set out to "blog" per se'. I wrote without any intention of having a following. It was just a diary or brain dump or therapy (less the $125.00 per hour fee.)

Over time, my writing became less verbiage and more so a photo journal. That's when I lost my desire to write and really just wanted to catalog my adventure. It's time to write again.

I'm going to stop writing at this blog. "Marie Millard" was a fluke, never anything I thought would be read by anyone but me, or my sisters. I have several blogger friends *that I adore* who have stopped writing on their site and started up on a new one. At the time, I never really understood why. I get it now. A clean slate. A fresh start.

I'm FaceBook burnt out and I dislike Twitter *it makes me neurotic* and now Google has a social network. Acccckkkk!!!

I'm going to be kickin' it old school. I'm going to start a new site and go back to blogging like I used to ... writing for me.

Marie is my middle name.  Millard is the street I grew up on. 

Marie Millard is calling it a day.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Should Have Worn Ruby Slippers

Beniteau, Maple, Simpson, Millard, Chatsworth, Ferris, Farnum, Bedford Sq., Woodingham, Mildred, Stellma, Woodelm, Ravine Terrace.

Those are the names of every street I have lived on.

Thirteen houses, and I'm not quite home.

When I was growing up, my father "flipped houses" before the idea or term was ever coined. Although he made money doing so, his purpose was more for therapy. He enjoyed buying homes that needed fixing up and remodeling. Once the project was done and my mother was just beginning to decorate, off we'd go again.

I remember him telling me it wasn't good to ever pay a house off because at the end of the term, the price paid was way more than it was ever worth. "The real estate investment should be a stepping stone onto the next house, building equity as you go." I wish I didn't listen to him.

I've flipped a few homes in the past ten years but not because of my father's philosophy, my reason is a whole separate post in itself! I did pretty well with each new house.

My current house is what it is, a house I was going to sell as soon as my youngest graduated from high school. It would grow to have a pretty good nest egg in equity.

Screeeeeeeeeeetch, not so fast. The year I was to sell, the bubble burst. So now, here I sit. Still, it's not bad, it's just not where I wanted to be.

This final house was going to be a "quick sell", a nice little starter home for a young couple. Although it now has 4 bedrooms and three full baths, if I count the finished basement, it's still smaller than a few of my previous homes. It definitely lacks character and charm. With the idea to sell in a short time, I saw no reason to put much into personalizing it.

Hindsight ....

Thanks to FaceBook, I've reconnected with many old friends. As I look at their photos and see how their lives unfolded and how their families grew throughout the years, I realize the importance of a "home".

The "homes" I created were for the moment. As I flip through my old photos, the great memories have been captured, but in reality, they aren't relived day to day as I walk through my current house.

If I had raised my children in one house, I would now be able to go room by room and experience the giggles and laughter that a photograph can't quite possess. I'd have nicks on the woodwork that told stories only a mom could recall. I'd have the kids bedrooms to sit in and remember their little faces and the mischief they created.

I know home is where the heart it, or where you hang your hat, but anyone can own a house, only love and memories make it a home.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

End of a Three 3 Day Binge

Sandi & I ended our three day 4th of July weekend with more trail bike riding and a final neighborhood "pool crash".

We started our 14 mile ride on Macomb Orchard Trail at this point ... yes a framed piece of art! 

The trail is an old rail road track that has been asphalt and mile marked for bikes, walkers, or rollerblading.  Beautiful scenic route.  The grade is pretty level and we found it waaaaay easier than yesterdays ride.

Our pool of choice was #1, the first pool we crashed Saturday night.  Thanks for going up north again neighbor!

This had to be in the top of best times ever.  Perfect weather all weekend, time spent with both of my sisters, cocktails, laughs, and fun adventures.

Thanks Sandi & Margie, I love you goofy chicks!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Triathlon *With Adjusted Rules*

Day 2 of girls day in/out with sister(s) *we missed you Margie!

We decided to do a triathlon yesterday ... in a way only Sandi and I would do.

Starting out at Stoney Creek Metro Park, we rented kayaks. Off we went for an hour of intense hard core paddling around the lake. Trust me, it was grueling.

We weren't going to stop after the first leg. We whipped off our flip-flips gear, got into our riding gear and on our bikes in forty-five minutes record time to begin our cycling. We did the whole bike trail at Stoney and I didn't fall once! (see yesterdays post)

 Sandi in her starting position.

 Beginning of the trail.

Over the hump, it was time for the swimming competition. We put on our swimming gear (no pictures please) and oops .... where's the water? While we contemplated on which pool to crash the amount of laps we'd do, we prepared our cocktails hydrating supplements.

So on to the water *thank you neighbor #2 for going up north this weekend.

 Sandi, lap #1

On the walk back to Sandi's this sweet face followed us. Sandi brought out a bowl of food for him/her? and it ate like it hadn't in days. I think Sandi may have a new pet.

Today? We'll be doing a loooooong bike trail ... to be continued.

Happy 4th of July ... Let Freedom Ring!

*No pics of me, face-plant is looking just as you'd expect on day #2 ... pretty bad!